Scrum Master

Today’s #scrum and #agile thought of the day

By Nicole Forsythe

scrum master


Traditional Marketing Management is On the Verge of Extinction

By Pino Soro

How our marketing team implemented #scrum to become faster and more responsive

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Pernicious Scrum Anti-Patterns

By Dwight Kingdon

#Scrum anti-patterns in an article at Dr. Dobb’s:…

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When SCRUM Stand-Up Meetings feel like an Interrogation

By Thoma Schranz

When #SCRUM Stand-Up Meetings feel like an Interrogation … #agile prodmgmt

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Let’s talk about Quality

Last week I read two good articles about Quality and the meaning of the word in Software development. They put you to think.

Inspire your thoughts in Jose Baldaia’s blog post.

In search of perfection

By Anne-Marie Charrett

In search of perfection #softwaretesting

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The Time Is Now to Focus on Software Quality

By Matt Nunn

The Time Is Now to Focus on #Software Quality #Testing via @DevProConnections

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Search innovation on observation

By Jose Baldaia

Search innovation on observation

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