We can’t live without connections and neither our tools can.

Enterprise Tester (ET) allows you to connect to other tools, like Defects and Requirements tools. We need to connect to Enterprise Architect (EA), our requirements tool.
It was a nice surprise to see how simple it is to connect to EA. The connection is done by importing directly from EA’s database without any other components between. Clear and simple. There are other ways but this one is the simplest.
It’s quick and it works well.

A Requirement in EA becomes a Requirement in ET.
A Use Case in EA becomes some Script Tests in ET, a Script for each Scenario.

In EA we organize requirements in a tree of packages. We import requirements to EA by package.
The complete tree is created, under the ET’s requirements package we specify. This way we can keep the same structure we have in EA and this makes easier to read. Depending on the complexity of model in ET we can import the complete model or just one package.

When requirements are modified or new requirements are created in EA we just have to import again the packages to update and add news.

Of course we can create requirements in ET manually. But, as I said, connections are our life!

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