When you install Enterprise Tester you’re asked to…

When you install Enterprise Tester you’re asked to create an administrator account. This is the first step into security.
The security system isn’t complex and gets simple to implement.
You have Groups of users and Users. Permissions are define by Group.
Users are independent from projects. instead you assign a User to projects – like in real life.
You can define permissions to all tasks in your team. To people who writes test scripts, the ones that manage iterations, the ones that execute and, very important, the ones that read your test scripts.
Although some of you think that writing test scripts is a waste of time and that you get more results if you spent that time testing, I think test scripts can be useful.
Like everything else in life, there must be a balance between what you write and what you get in return. When I write test scripts, I don’t get in too many details, I don’t describe every little steps. I try to describe what to do and spent more time describing what to check (I wrote check, not test !) to get it useful to others.
I think our test scripts are part of the product documentation. This is why, in Enterprise Tester, we have to create a Group of Users that will not write nor execute tests but will read tests.

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