Setting up Enterprise Tester after a break here…

Setting up Enterprise Tester, after a break here I am again.

Enterprise Tester is very easy to install. Once installed you configure it and work with it using web access.

The first step is to create your Organization, and Administrator account and set up your licence. You are ready to go.

An Organization can be your company, your department or your team. You may create more than one.
Our decision is to have one Organization that is our company.

For each organization you add your Enterprise Architect connection and configure your pick lists. Also available are Custom Fields. This is something I like very much, to personalize lists and add new fields.

Custom fields have a reasonable range of types and something better than that – a scope. This means you can have different customization in each of your projects or apply the same to the whole Organization. This can be very useful when you work with distinct projects, like web applications, smart phones apps, etc.

Next step: take care of security.

(previous step Reading about Enterprise Tester)


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