Each team will be involved ...

I seat in my desk and start the day reading my e-mails: Team Project messages, Automation reports, meetings schedules, nothing urgent. I go to the coffee machine and drink my first coffee.
Today I have a new task, I’m excited about it. I will test a new Change Set (a Change Set is a group of new features, or changes to existing ones, and can be split up in smaller units; each iteration, or Sprint, has a different number of CS, depending on its size; a Sprint is about one month long).

I will start to read all requisites in detail. It’s not the first time I look at it, I’ve already heard a lot about and discussed about it in previous meetings.
When a new Change Set is created all teams start working on it immediately.

First, the Product Manager introduces his idea, describing the new functionality and explaining the high level requisites. After this we start estimating. Each Team Lead will work with her team to estimate the cost.

Teams committed are: Configuration Management, Release Management, Development, User Experience, Quality Assurance, Documentation and Platform System. Most of the times only one person per team will be involved and some teams might not be needed.

Then we are ready to start and some teams start first. The Product Manager works together with Testers and Programmers giving answers to open questions and defining all details. And so Programmers start analysis and Product Managers write low level requisites. As for Testers start planning tests and writing Test Cases.

I’m a Tester and I’m at this point right now.


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