The Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing

by Paras Chopra

A very nice guide.

The ultimate guide to A/B #testing http://bit.ly/dWXOKg #in#softwaretesting

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Usability testing is different

by Andersdinsen

Very good blog post about Usability. As a tester, do you care about it?

#testing news: Usability testing is different http://bit.ly/dEx4Fs

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Context-Free Questions for Testing

by Michael Bolton

A set of useful questions.

Beyond #automation RT @michaelbolton Published: Context-Free Questions for #Testing. http://bit.ly/hHNXfJ #softwaretesting #qa #agile

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No True Agile, No True Lean, No True Latte

by Jurgen Appelo

Nothing is truly what it is.

No True #Agile, No True #Lean, No True Latte http://wfapm.com/eYBdl5 #pmot #pm #softwaretesting #testing #qa

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The Power of Empowerment

by Joel Montvelisky

Let programmers help testers – how to facilitate it.

#testing news: The Power of Empowerment http://bit.ly/eEniAT

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The Testing equals Quality fallacy

by Markus Gärtner

Testing and Quality are not the same thing.

New blog entry: The Testing equals Quality fallacy http://f.ast.ly/PvMSa

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Agile Transitions and Employee Retention

by Elisabeth Hendrickson

Fears of who moves into agile.

Agile Transitions and Employee Retention: http://bit.ly/e7BqCZ by Elisabeth Hendrickson

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