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Dispersed vs. Distributed Teams

An interesting point of view.

Dispersed vs. Distributed Teams,

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You’re a Tester, Relax

Don’t miss it

A splendid blog post from Eric Jacobson on what things a tester shouldn’t worry about: #testing #softwaretesting #qa

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Test Case 001: Count passes made by white team.

Good point!

RT @testingexplorer: What were your actual results from executing Test Case 001 from the Test Specification Document

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Curing System Blindness

Curing System Blindness by Esther Derby

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Help! Cloud-Enabled Testing Services

Talking about the future

New blog post “Help! Help! Cloud-Enabled testing Services”: #softwaretesting #clouds

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If you’re going to write-down just one test case…

It’s never too much to say

After a couple of weeks of absence from the blogsphere – posted “If you are going to write only one test case…” –

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When to STOP Automation

 Always a good place to find great readings Software Testing Club 

 Follow the discussion about Automation in Software #Testing Club

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